3 Common Causes of Bike Accidents

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Bicycles are not just a simple mode of transportation but also a great way to exercise and take in the outdoors. They are also a clean source of transportation. As with any vehicle, bike accidents happen from time to time. There are three common ways people get into these types of scenarios, and we hope you’ll keep these in mind before donning your helmet and heading out.

1. Lack of Signaling

If others on the road cannot predict where you are headed, you can get into a crash and become severely injured. When making a turn on a bike, use hand signals to let others know your intended direction of travel. Other cars and bikes will know where you are going and will likely modify their travel and allow you to proceed safely. Some bicycles may be equipped with a blinker, and it’s highly recommended you use it.

2. Speeding

As with driving an automobile, avoid speeding at all times. Should someone in front of you suddenly stop, you’ll want to have enough reaction time to fully stop your bike. Even a collision at low speeds can be detrimental for bikers, so be sure to leave enough space between you and whoever is in front.

3. Distracted Driving

It’s easy to get distracted whether you’re in a car or on your bike. You may get a text message and instinctively look at your phone, or you pass by an accident and focus your attention that way. No matter where you are, focus on what’s ahead of you, as distracted driving is one of the most common causes of bike accidents and deaths.

If You’ve Been Injured, Let Us Know

If you’ve been involved in a bike accident in Oregon, our team at Shlesinger & de Villeneuve Attorneys, P.C., can help. Even if you know how to avoid getting hurt, accidents can still happen despite your best efforts to avoid them. Learn more how we can help by speaking with us today.

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