3 Highway Habits That Help You Live Longer

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Oregon is a vast and beautiful state with several major highways that remain busy. Though obeying traffic laws and rules of the road is the best way to avoid accidents, and their subsequent heartache and legal battles, other simple daily habits increase your chances of safety on the road. Here are three small changes to improve your road safety for the sake of yourself and those you love.

Move Over

Remember that the left lane is only for passing. It is illegal to travel slowly in the left lane and doing so increases the likelihood of accidents, including rear and head-on collisions. The same is true for drivers who use the left lane to speed significantly over the speed limit. Obviously, this is also dangerous and fast drivers should pass slow traffic, but then reduce speed to the speed limit and cruise in the right lane whenever possible.

Don’t Just Put the Phone Down – Put It Away

Setting the phone down in your lap is not as safe as having it on drive mode or tucked in the console, glove box, or back seat. Having the phone in sight and within reach increases the temptation to take that phone call, send that text, or change that song on your streaming device. If you are regularly using the phone for GPS or music, invest in a phone holder and hands-free control technology through the car system or your smart phone provider.

Leave Earlier

It may seem obvious, but leaving even just a few minutes early can drastically decrease the chance of having an accident on the highway. When drivers don’t feel rushed, they are more likely to abide by speed limits and necessary traffic rules. Additionally, they are less likely to cut off other drivers, run red lights, and illegally pass. Don’t underestimate the power of a few extra minutes on your commute!

Safety is a worthwhile habit. While these changes feel difficult at first, they become habitual and second nature over time. Make the effort for peace of mind for the safety of yourself and others. If you have been injured in a roadway accident, contact Shlesinger & deVillenueve in Medford, OR today.


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