3 Reasons Moped Accidents in Oregon Should Be Taken Seriously

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Often times, when you think of accidents that occur on two wheels, motorcycles spring to mind. While it is very true that motorbike accidents occur often and have a high risk of fatalities, mopeds are equally as dangerous on the road. Do not be fooled by the fact that they travel at a slower speed. Here are four reasons to be extra cautious when driving on or around mopeds.

It Is Easy to Get a Moped License

Responsible people drive mopeds. However, other more vulnerable and statistically risky groups of individuals drive mopeds, as well. These include people who have a DUI, minors younger than 16, and other people otherwise disqualified from getting the license to drive a car. The law is this way because mopeds travel at a lower speed.

We sometimes represent moped drivers injured in accidents through no fault of their own, and often their injuries are very serious. It is important for regular car, truck, and SUV drivers to note that sometimes vulnerable drivers opt for mopeds. Treat moped drivers with the same caution exercised around motorbikes and cyclists.

Mopeds Are Getting Faster

In 1970, a top-of-the-line moped likely would not travel faster than 35 miles per hour at full acceleration. Today, Vespa scooters, for example, travel at interstate speeds more than double that. Though laws vary from state to state and area-to-area, mopeds create a loophole for a less restricted licensing process for a vehicle capable of plenty of speed. It is sometimes against the law to take mopeds over a certain speed, even if the vehicle itself is capable of it. This plays into legal cases, whether the moped driver is the victim or the inflictor of damage or injury.

Mopeds Account for 20% of Traumatic Brain Injuries According to the CDC

A statistic released by the CDC indicates 20% of accidents resulting in traumatic brain injuries involved a moped. Use caution when operating mopeds, and use caution when driving around them, as well. If you or someone you love has been injured in an accident involving a moped, contact us at Shlesinger & deVillenueve in Medford, OR for legal assistance.


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