3 Ways to Avoid Car Accidents This Fall

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With schools back in session and more residents back at work, driving carefully is more important now than ever. As seasons change, you’ll have to keep track of how the weather impacts the roads to avoid accidents. There are three main things you can do to avoid getting into an accident due to fall weather, and these can help save lives and prevent injuries.

1. Watch for Leaves

Leaves can quickly become wet and group together, causing a slippery hazard. If you notice a large pile of leaves on the road, do what you can to avoid passing over it. If you are forced to drive through a section full of leaves, take your time.

2. Watch Your Speed

This tip will benefit you any time of the year, especially in the fall. Ensure you’re not driving over the speed limit, which is recommended for many reasons. First, if someone in front of you stops suddenly, you’ll have more time to react if you’re not speeding. Second, because the roads are more populated in the fall, you’re considered a massive risk if you’re flying to get to work, school, or other locations. And lastly, speeding can result in being pulled over, which takes time and may force you to pay a fine.

3. Avoid Driving in the Dark (if Possible)

If you can avoid driving when it’s dark, do so. Because Daylight Savings Time (DST) is still in effect, you may be forced to drive in the dark when it’s earlier in the evening. If you can’t avoid driving in the dark, ensure your car’s lights are fully operational, as this poses a safety risk to you and other drivers.

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