5 Safety Tips for Oregon Street Cyclists

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Road biking is a great way to get fit, help the environment, and save money – all on the commute to work, school or home. However, cycling does not come without its fair share of risks. These five important tips will help to ensure an accident-free journey for work or play.

Put Down the Phone

It may sound crazy to inexperienced bikers, but talking on the phone is a bad habit of some cyclists. Do not attempt to answer the phone or text when in traffic. If it is necessary to make contact during the journey, invest in a Bluetooth headset, AirPods, or some other hands-free option.

Ride on the Right Side of the Lane

When a bike lane is not present, cyclists should ride on the right side of the lane they are traveling in. However, in some cases, the road is so narrow that a car and bike cannot possibly ride side by side or pass. In these cases, the cyclist has the right-of-way to ride in the center of the lane to increase visibility. Remember that groups of cyclists should ride single file, not flanked on either side or in a row.

Be Wary of Blind Spots

When a car is passing, be wary that you may be in their blind spot. Common blind spots are just in front of a car, or between the rows of seats. As a great rule of thumb, give drivers plenty of room to pass quickly. In addition, if you cannot see the driver’s face, it is likely that they also cannot see you!

Use Proper Hand Signals

It is important to use signals properly in any mode of transportation. Even if the bike is retrofitted with electronic signals, use clear and visible hand signals to turn left, right, or slow down.

Do Not Bike Drunk

Do not cycle inebriated. Enough said. Though biking may seem safer than risking a DUI, it is illegal to ride a bike drunk on any road.

If you or someone you love has been involved in cycling accident, contact Shlesinger & deVillenueve in Medford, OR today. We are here to help!


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