6 Commonly Defective Products to Look Out For

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When it comes to staying safe from defective products, you may not know where to start. Anything you can generally trust and that should be handled with care could be a danger. While there’s never a guarantee that a certain product will or will not be defective, some types of products are more likely to be defective than others.


Vehicles are already dangerous without factoring in a manufacturing defect. Some examples of dangerous vehicle defects include short-circuiting engines, deactivated airbags, and a broken brake system.

Medications and Medical Devices

We rely on medical products to save our lives, but they can be made with dangerous defects. This may include the use of non-FDA-approved substances or a risky mixture of chemicals, broken medical devices, and mislabeled products.


Ovens, stoves, washing machines, water heaters, HVAC systems, and more can all suffer from defects. Defective appliances can cause various risks, such as fires, electrical shocks, and the release of dangerous gasses.


It may be disconcerting to think that a child’s toy can cause them harm, but defective toys are rather common. Defective toys can become choking hazards, incorporate lead paint, and cause serious injury if broken.

Other Child Products

Children may also be at risk if larger products or structures malfunction. This can include defective playground equipment, unsafe nursery equipment, and toxic baby formula or child-targeting snack foods.

Cleaning Products

Many cleaning products are made with harsh or toxic chemicals, which can be dangerous if there’s a defect. Some cases included spreading harmful bacteria, using unsafe ingredients, and poor or misleading labeling.

What Can You Do?

We are at risk of a potential defect each time we try a new product, but this doesn’t mean we need to swear off such everyday items. We must be safe, follow all instructions, and keep documentation.

If things go wrong, being able to supply evidence of the problem will be essential if pursuing a claim for product liability and seeking justified compensation. You also may need the help of a personal injury law firm experienced in such matters. If a defective product injured you or someone you love, contact Shlesinger & deVilleneuve today.

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