7 Common Causes Of Car Accidents

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7 Common Causes Of Car Accidents

Most car accidents are avoidable. In fact, human error, miscalculations, over corrections, and other hazardous driving behaviors account for the majority of avoidable car accidents.
The following are the seven most common causes of car accidents:

1. Speeding – Probably the most common violation committed by the majority of drivers and the most substantial contributor to traffic accidents, speeding is when you are traveling at a speed that is greater than recommended or prudent for conditions.

2. Following too close – When you follow another vehicle too closely you are not creating a sufficient safety zone between your vehicle and the other one. This reduces your reaction time and ability to stop or slow down if something happens.

3. Distraction – Between cell phones, radios, GPS, and all of the other electronic devices that are luring our eyes off of the road it is no surprise that distraction is becoming one of the most common causes of car crashes.

4. Driving while impaired – According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 33,561 people died in car accidents in 2012. Of those fatalities an estimated 11,000 were people who died in drunk driving crashes.

5. Fatigue and/or sleepiness – In today’s fast paced world there are increasing demands on our time. Unfortunately, many of us are not getting the necessary sleep. This is often true with commercial drivers and college students.

6. Lane changes – Changing lanes without checking the blindside or activating a turn signal is a leading cause of traffic accidents. With more and more drivers on the road, this practice is sure to continue to put lives at risk

7. Turning – Turning into traffic from a parked position without caution or care can easily cause a car crash. This is especially true if you are cross an oncoming lane of traffic while turning left.

Again, most car accidents are avoidable. By practicing defensive driving and simply paying attention to the drivers around you, the chances of being involved in a car accident are significantly reduced.

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