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Manufacturers commonly launch several new products on a yearly basis, and – as consumers – we all make use of scores of those items daily! Everything from your toothpaste to your socks – Americans make use of an inestimable range of manufactured products on a yearly basis. And as consumers we presume and rely on the fact that the merchandise we are using to get us through our daily lives has been tested by the manufacturer and their safety validated. But, what happens when the originator of a product fails to uphold their responsibility and the product they release to the consumer causes serious bodily harm or death? The answer falls within the area of law known as product liability law. Product Liability Law holds producers accountable for screening their products properly before launch, along with supplying obvious directions and necessary admonishes with it. Regrettably, the almost always private sector companies generating these goods don’t always fulfill their obligation and often launch a product that is not completely safe or reliable. Additionally, there are those companies that set their profit margins ahead of the safety and security of the general public, and market an item they may be aware is unsafe. History is replete with such examples as car manufacturers, pharmaceutical giants, and the tobacco industry.

Product Liability cases fall into the following three “types”:

  • Defectively built items: This is when a particular product in a line of otherwise safe products is unsafely assembled or constructed and causes bodily harm in some way
  • Design flawed items: The design of the product is flawed; this is not a case of one unit being defective but rather the entire line. When you hear about an industry recall this is typically the issue
  • Failure to supply enough or any warning or instruction: These products are not accompanied with clear and apparent warnings or instructions for appropriate use, and thus injury or death occurs

The Oregon personal injury attorneys at Shlesinger & deVilleneuve are skilled in the intricate arena of Product Liability Law; our committed attorneys possess the resources and the proficient support staff to gather research and offer irrefutable evidence that an item is either poorly designed, flawed, or dangerous, and therefore – as a result – it caused damage or bodily harm.

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