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Imagine you’re walking through a coffee shop to meet with a friend and suddenly you trip on a loose board in the hardwood flooring and fall. Or, you’re shopping for groceries after work and slip on a wet spot on the linoleum. Accidents like these happen to unsuspecting people every day, and when they are caused by the property owner’s negligence or irresponsibility, the law of premises liability applies. Premises liability law is designed to protect patrons by holding property owners accountable for maintaining a safe environment.

There are various circumstances that might cause a premises liability situation, including;

  • Slipping on wet, greasy, oily, or icy surfaces
  • Tripping over uneven flooring, torn carpeting, small steps, trash, etc.
  • Accidents caused by failure to repair or adequately maintain premises
  • Accidents that occur as a result of unsafe construction sites
  • Insufficient postings or lack of signs warning of a potentially unsafe condition

Since 1971, Albany Personal Injury Attorneys at the law firm of Shlesinger & deVilleneuve has been advocating for injured Oregon residents and helping them secure reasonable financial compensation for their injuries. In fact, over 95% of the injured clients that we represent have been granted a settlement that helped them begin to put the pieces back together. While a case based on premises liability can be challenging to pursue, the legal team at Shlesinger & deVilleneuve is prepared to oppose the aggressive insurance company and meticulously present the evidence that supports your case.

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A premise liability claim is frequently complex and hard to prove. To succeed you’ll need a legal advocate with the resources and skill to scrutinize the circumstances of the accident, collect evidence, and develop the proof required to effectively pursue your claim.

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    Our skilled attorneys are poised to collect, coordinate, and represent the complex medical information that these cases rely so heavily on. Whether it means sitting at the negotiating table or litigating in the courtroom, the team of seven attorneys and 28 support professionals at Shlesinger & deVilleneuve will fiercely advocate for you from beginning to end. For a premises liability case, it behooves you greatly to contact our office as timely as you can. A caring member of our team will work with you on scheduling a time to come in to our office for a free-of-charge legal assessment. Your best interest is our priority and, therefore, our work is done on a contingency fee basis. At Shlesinger & deVilleneuve, we will not accept payment for our work unless we secure compensation for you.

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