Applying For Social Security Benefits Can Be Overwhelming … Go Local!

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Applying For Social Security Benefits Can Be Overwhelming

One of the biggest mistakes that a person can make is to take the “go it alone” mentality when it comes to applying and securing Social Security Benefits. The process is not only difficult to understand but also, following the timelines and specifications for which documents to produce can be overwhelming.
For instance, it is completely your responsibility to maintain an up to date medical record and to continuously provide that information to Social Security. It is not enough to assume that you can show up to your hearing, inform the Social Security Judge of your injuries and the fact that you are unable to work due to constant pain, and then receive benefits. This approach will most definitely result in denial of benefits.

One of the most important decisions that you can make when considering whether to apply for Social Security Disability benefits is to seek advice from a local Social Security Attorney. The advantage here is that you have an attorney who you have met face to face, who knows you and your family, who knows the local judges, and who has taken the time to prepare your case in such a way that best represents your interests.

Getting help from the very beginning of the application process is also crucial to success. The application process is stressful and keeping track of all of the documents and deadlines can be overwhelming, especially for someone suffering from physical or mental injuries. It is not unheard of for applicants, who are fully entitled to benefits, to just abandon the process all together and forfeit their benefits because the stress from the process is too much to manage. Hiring an experienced disability attorney from your local community will quickly shift that burden off of you and your family onto your legal team, drastically improving your chances of being approved.

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