Avoid Injury in the Warmer Months

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Although we tend to classify winter as the most dangerous time of the year due to the hazardous road conditions and slippery pavement, surprisingly, when warmer weather begins to surface, more accidents tend to happen. 

Some accidents can’t be avoided, but others are caused by silly mistakes or neglect. Being aware of how these accidents tend to happen can help you prevent them altogether. 

Common Accidents in the Spring

The most common injuries in the spring tend to be as follows:

  • Bicycle accidents. As the weather gets warmer, more people hit the outdoors, and a common activity is riding bikes. After a long winter with bikes stored away, this can lead to accidents. It is important to take extra precautions when taking your first bike ride of the spring, making sure you are wearing the correct safety equipment and that your bike is properly maintained. 
  • Car accidents. Although many car accidents occur in the summer with more people heading out on vacations, the number of individuals involved in fatal accidents begins to increase in the spring. This is often due to an influx of people hitting the streets for spring break and other vacations or because they are ready to leave the house after being cooped up during the winter. Keep an eye out when driving and make sure you have all your lights working, you are wearing a seat belt, and your car is insured and well maintained.
  • Slip and falls. Spring showers mean extra moisture on the ground and slippery surfaces. It is important to take extra precautions when it rains and to always be aware of slippery surfaces or puddles that can lead to an injury if you aren’t ready for them. 

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