Avoiding a Bicycle Accident

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Bicycles are very common in Oregon. Unfortunately, this means that bicycle accidents are also all too common. While not every accident can be prevented, taking the necessary precautions can help you minimize your risk and how much damage you may face if an accident does occur.

Stay Protected

For kids, sometimes there is an unfortunate perception that wearing your helmet and other protective gear is “uncool.” However, not doing so can worsen accidents, as they are not protected from impacts, particularly to the head. Always ensure you and your kid wear a properly-fitted helmet and perhaps other protective gear.

Stay Visible

Bicyclists are not always noticed by drivers, especially at night, which results in many accidents. It is up to you to make yourself visible by wearing bright and reflective clothing, adding lighting to your bike, and riding on the right side of the road.

Stay Alert

Just as cars should watch for you, you need to pay attention to cars and other hazards. This means you don’t ride with headphones, you don’t go too fast, and you ride with the traffic flow. Obey all signs, and be defensive about it, assuming that the car did not see you and keeping yourself safe.

Practice Proper Riding

Some bikes are too big or too small for the person riding them. Some people may practice dangerous tricks or drive without both hands on the handlebars. Some may neglect to ensure their brakes work and others may not wear proper clothing. To stay safe on a bike, you must ride that bike properly, which means riding a working bike at the right size and not taking any unnecessary risks.

Hire Shlesinger & deVilleneuve

If you or someone you know ended up in a bicycle accident even while taking precautions, you are entitled to seek the help you need to recover the compensation you deserve. We can help you take on your injury case, so contact us today.

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