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Have you ever thought about going on a 30-day ‘no spend’ diet? This is where you would avoiding spending money on anything except for groceries and bills for a full 30-days. Sounds hard, right?

We truly are a consumer-driven society, and on a daily basis, the residents of Beaverton purchase a variety of items. Everything from power tools to household appliances are purchased from stores throughout our beautiful community and brought home for immediate use.

Each one of these items is purchased with an unspoken understanding that they are safe to use. We expect that we can hand that new toy to our child, and it won’t harm them or, that we can plug in that new kitchen appliance, and it will work without a dangerous malfunction.

We trust these items that we purchase because the manufacturer has told us that they are safe to use. By creating them and putting them on the shelf of our local store, the manufacturer has sent us a message that the item was made with our safety in mind and meets the highest quality assurance standards.

However, this is not always the case. In fact, thousands of people are injured each year by a defective or dangerous product that they have purchased. At Shlesinger & deVilleneuve we strongly believe that the manufacturer of those products that caused harm should be brought to justice.

The law that holds manufacturers accountable to produce safe products is called Product Liability, and there are a few specific scenarios that it applies to:

  • Defectively built/constructed/assembled items: this product is flawed because of a mistake in the manufacturing process. Generally in these types of cases the items produced are usually safe when used as instructed, but due to some mistake during the manufacturing process, this particular good was improperly produced making it dangerous to its users who are then harmed by it.
  • Products flawed in their blueprint: In these types of situations, the product’s design is intrinsically flawed. This is really not a situation of simply one product malfunctioning, the whole range of products is faulty, and there’s a risk of damage and/or fatality in the usage of this product. The most common example of when these types of cases exist an full “industry recall” will be issued.
  • Failure to include sufficient warnings or directions: Here the product fails to adequately come with the necessary warnings or instructions that one would expect to accompany the product. Consequently a user is harmed because they were not aware of the danger in using the product or are not using it as intended because the instructions are unclear or insufficient.

To avoid these disastrous scenarios, manufacturers are responsible for implementing stringent quality assurance procedures and policies as checkpoints that will catch a dangerous or defective product before it is put out for sale.

However, in some cases a manufacturer will put their revenue as more of a priority than the safety of their customers and the safety checkpoints will fall short. In these cases, our team believes that the manufacturer should be held responsible.

Product Liability law is designed to protect consumers, but a manufacturer with extensive resources and a large insurance company on their side can be intimidating for one person to go up against.

That is why you need the skilled and expert legal team of Shlesinger & deVilleneuve on your side. We have been fighting these cases for more than four decades and we know all of the tactics that the insurance companies will try to pull.

In fact, we are so confident that we can secure a favorable outcome on your behalf, that we won’t charge you a penny for our services unless we win! Call our office today and get your free legal consultation scheduled.

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