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Many people throughout our beautiful community of Beaverton own dogs. After all, which better animal to provide companionship when taking a walk through our many close-knit neighborhoods? Taking a dog for a walk is a great way to get exercise and to spend time outside.

In many cases, the dog becomes a member of the family and, everyone gets very accustom to being around a dog. However, not all dogs are the same and, if you or a loved one comes across a dog while you are out in the community, you could face the disastrous scenario of a dog bite.

In fact, each year more than 650,000 people suffer the consequences of a dog bite and, nearly half of those instances result in a trip to the emergency room for medical treatment. While some people like to think that only certain breeds of dogs will bite or lash out, there is actually good data that supports that all breeds of dogs can be a danger to humans.

The most unfortunate part about dog bite statistics is that they most often strike children in the age group five to nine years old. The small stature of this age group means that their injuries are usually concentrated around their face, head and neck – sometimes leaving them permanently disfigured.

Some of the more common reasons that a dog will lash out are:

  • The dog is afraid for its own safety
  • The dog mistakenly perceives risk, and it is safeguarding its owner
  • The dog is safeguarding its owner’s territory
  • The dog is interrupted while eating
  • The dog perceives it is threatened and cornered and has no alternative

If you or someone that you love has been struck by the devastation of a dog bite, please make sure to contact our office today. You could be legally entitled to benefits that will help to cover the medical expenses and any other financial challenges you are facing.

Oregon has a rather complicated law called the “one bite law,” which can make it difficult to win a dog bite case. You need an experienced and skilled attorney on your side who knows the ins and outs of this law, and how to work with it. At Shlesinger & deVilleneuve of Beaverton, our team has been fighting for the rights of injured Oregon residents for more than forty years.

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