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Has it ever occurred to you just how many products you use on a daily basis? From your breakfast beverage to your digital devices, and even the transportation you use – you count on a staggering number of manufactured products each year. As customers, we take for granted that the makers of these items are conscientious, accountable, and that the items they manufacture are safe. Whenever an item fails to perform as intended or designed resulting in harm to the user a potential case for product liability exists. Product liability cases may fall into the following categories:

  • Defectively built/constructed/assembled items: this product is flawed because of a mistake in the manufacturing process. Generally in these types of cases the items produced are usually safe when used as instructed, but due to some mistake during the manufacturing process this particular good was improperly produced making it dangerous to its users who are then harmed by it.
  • Products flawed in their blueprint: In these types of situations the product’s design is intrinsically flawed. This is really not a situation of simply one product malfunctioning, the whole range of products is faulty, and there’s a risk of damage and/or fatality in the usage of this product. The most common example of when these types of cases exist an full “industry recall” will be issued.
  • Failure to include sufficient warnings or directions: Here the product fails to adequately come with the necessary warnings or instructions that one would expect to accompany the product. Consequently a user is harmed because they were not aware of the danger in using the product or are not using it as intended because the instructions are unclear or insufficient.


Companies that manufacture products are accountable for testing their products or services appropriately before offering it to the public, as well as supplying obvious directions and warnings on their usage. Sadly, businesses do not always perform the testing as thoroughly as they should and may launch an item that results in harm – or tragedy. In this day and age it probably will not surprise you that sometimes companies are more concerned with pleasing their shareholders than safeguarding the welfare of those who use their product; case in point– the tobacco market. If you’ve been hurt or experienced problems from the use of a specific item, you will need to get in touch with a lawyer as quickly as possible!

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