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The saying is often true: dogs are a man’s greatest friend; but maybe not if you don’t know the dog! Each year in the US more than 700,000 people are bitten by dogs. Of these, there are 386,000 that incur a bite substantial enough to require medical intervention. While many individuals feel that specific breeds are naturally “vicious,” there is no research that supports this. Practically any type of dog may strike or try to bite. Unfortunately, dog bite incidents are greatest for kids within the 5 – 9 year old age bracket. Frequently the injuries are around your head, face, and throat area. A dog bite can lead to permanent, disfiguring scars. Thousands of dog bite victims undergo reconstructive surgery every year to repair the damage incurred from the dog attack.

The most typical explanations of why a dog may bite or strike are:

  • The dog is afraid for it’s own safety
  • The dog mistakenly perceives risk and it is safeguarding it’s owner
  • The dog is safeguarding it’s owner’s territory
  • The dog is interrupted while eating
  • The dog perceives it is threatened and cornered and has no alternative

If you or someone you care about has been bitten by a dog, it’s essential that you contact a competent and knowledgeable personal injury lawyer to help navigate complicated Oregon statutes that govern dog bites.

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