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It is staggering that medical malpractice is the 6th largest killer in America today? In fact, there are more than 90,000 people injured or killed each year due to avoidable medical errors. If you or some you care about has been the victim of a medical error, the legal team at Shlesigner & deVilleneuve will help to prove the medical health care professional or institution was at fault and should be held financially, legally, and ethically responsible.

Medical malpractice cases can fall into one of two general groups, and although they vary in nature, they may have similarly devastating results. The first class involves an injury that is the result of a medical procedure which was plainly wrong or negligent, such as amputating the incorrect limb or body element. The second class entails a situation in which a physician fails to identify appropriate patient care measures, such as neglecting to identify a condition requiring medical care. There are broad categories that either class of medical malpractice case may fall into:

  • Medical error
  • Wrong diagnosis
  • Care that is delayed or improper
  • Treatment error/improper prescription, volume, or handling of medicine
  • Anesthesia error
  • Invasive medicine error
  • Birth injuries
  • Neglect in long-term health provider facilities/nursing homes
  • Failure to obtain informed consent

Medical Malpractice Claims

Medical malpractice claims are some of the most complicated and difficult to pursue. Unlike various other types of specific harm circumstances, a medical malpractice case relies on medical documents and testimony provided by experts; typically other medical professionals. In addition, the attorney must know and be able to explain the complex medical concepts that apply. Physicians and medical facilities have influential insurance organizations with limitless resources prepared to fight malpractice claims aggressively. To succeed, you’ll need the kind of professional and experienced law practice that has the resources and knowledgeable expert staff to research and provide the evidence needed to prove malpractice.

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