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Premise Liability law applies when an accident happens on a residential or commercial property as a result of negligent acts by property owners. Premises Liability law ensures property holders, supervisors, or various other parties are held accountable for any type of accident that occurs on a residential or business property they own or under their care and control. Often these incidents take place at the most inopportune times catching you completely off guard; you may possibly be on a date, in line for coffee, or simply walking to your vehicle in the parking garage. Accidents happen regularly – but when they are a result of a property owner not taking the necessary steps to provide guests and patrons a safe residence or business premises, then it may possibly be cause for a Premise Liability claim.

There are numerous circumstances where a premise liability accident can happen, some instances involve:

  • Sliding on damp, oily, greasy, or icy surfaces
  • Tripping over irregular floor coverings, torn carpeting, narrow steps, debris, etc.
  • Accidents triggered by failure to fix or properly preserve premises
  • Accidents that occur as a consequence of hazardous building sites
  • Insufficient postings or failure to adequately warn of potential hazardous conditions on the premises

If you, your family or friends have been harmed because of a hazardous or dangerous condition that a vigilant owner knew or should have known, let Shlesinger & deVilleneuve help you protect your legal rights while making certain you can get the settlement you are legally entitled to. Every member of our team is committed to representing injured Oregonians and we’ve been at it since 1971. We have secured favorable settlements for 95% of our clients – our record stands alone!

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A premise liability claim is frequently complex and hard to prove. To succeed you’ll need a legal advocate with the resources and skill to scrutinize the circumstances of the accident, collect evidence, and develop the proof required to effectively pursue your claim.

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    The expert lawyers at Shlesinger & deVilleneuve are not afraid to tackle this task, take on national insurance corporations and aggressively litigate your claim! It’s important to contact a lawyer as quickly as possible in these situations; there is no reason not to contact us right now. When you call our office you can generally expect to speak to one of our attorneys that same day. We can also schedule an in-office appointment when necessary, free of charge! The well-being of all of our clients comes first; we are paid on a contingency structure. At Shlesinger & deVilleneuve, we only get paid if you receive financial compensation. Learn more about your rights and let us fight to protect them!

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