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Filing for Social Security Disability can be a complex and overwhelming process. Unfortunately, the people who need it most are already consumed with the ailment that has left them not able to stay employed and trying to navigate the system is the last struggle they are up for. Thankfully, Shlesinger & deVilleneuve has the legal team and experience to help you get through this complicated process. For over 40 years we have been standing up for the legal rights of Oregon residents, and assisting them in winning their claims! We manage nearly a thousand claims for Social Security Disability benefits each year – we know the way the system works!

Whether or not your situation is medically apparent and you submitted a claim for Social Security Disability immediately, actually getting your benefits can often take an unbelievable amount of time. The expression “claims for disability are always declined at first,” is generally true. That is because the Social Security Administration assumes everybody is capable of having a job, even if it is remedial, and cases move through the channels slowly causing a backlog. Just the process of submitting a benefits application requires a large amount of information that has to be collected, recorded, and confirmed before you will obtain approval. Even if you have an expert helping you, the whole process of submitting an application for benefits and then actually receiving benefits is generally a long endeavor.

Dedicated Social Security Lawyers

Shlesinger & deVilleneuve can supply you with indispensable assistance and help from the onset, soon after the disabling injury or condition occurs. We are experienced in how to collect and report the medical documentation that will substantiate your situation and keep it moving along the proper channels. We have devoted staff who assist our lawyers manage the stack of paperwork that needs to be filed, ensuring your application is filed accurately. Filing an application that has been completed accurately will often improve the chance of being approved in a timely manner, and reduces the amount of time you have to wait. While we have an excellent record of getting our clients approved for benefits, this is never guaranteed or taken for granted and it’s possible your application could be denied. If that happens, we will take every step needed to appeal and make sure that your claim receives the attention and consideration needed to get it approved.

Your Social Security Disability payments are there to support you; these are your benefits, you contributed to the fund, and you are entitled to benefits. At Shlesinger & deVilleneuve, we work on a contingency fee basis determined by law, and we’ll take no payment unless you get your benefits. There is no reason not to call our firm; we strive to get back into you the same day to schedule your free meeting with an attorney, during which time we will review our fee schedule and the steps of how we can help ensure your claim for benefits is approved – the very first time!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How do I file for disability benefits?
    “Please contact us to discuss filing an application for your Social Security disability benefits.”
  • I just received a denial notice. What should I do?
    It can be disheartening to receive a denial notice from Social Security. This happens to most people when they apply. It is important to file an appeal within the 60-day time limit, and to seek legal advice from a qualified and experienced attorney.
  • Do I need a lawyer to represent me for disability?
    Claimants are not required by Social Security to have an attorney. Individuals can go through the process alone, but it is not advisable. An experienced attorney fighting for you can make all the difference.
  • I requested a hearing months ago. Why is it taking so long?
    There is a backlog of claims at the hearing level all across the country. Average waiting times are around 16 months. Even though it may seem like nothing is happening, this waiting period is an important opportunity for you to improve your chances at hearing. There are things you could be doing right now that might help your case.
  • How much do attorneys charge to represent me for my Social Security disability claim?
    Attorney fees are only paid after being approved by the Social Security Administration and only if you are approved for benefits. Fees are paid out of your retroactive benefits. Currently, federal law allows attorney fees of up to 25% of your retroactive benefits and a maximum of $6000, whichever is less.

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Shlesinger & deVilleneuve Social Security Benefit Attorneys

At Shlesinger & deVilleneuve, our fees are paid contingent on us successfully getting you benefits. In other words, you are not required to pay us unless we win for you! When you contact our office, one of our team members will connect with you the same day and will be happy to book a free consultation. Making certain you are approved for benefits is very important to us. We will take the time to learn about you and your circumstances – you are our priority!

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