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The attorneys at Shlesinger & deVilleneuve provide passionate representation for harmed employees with claims that have been accepted or denied, determinations of permanent disability, disputes over medical services, occupational retraining opportunities, claims settlement and 3rd party cases.

In all states, Worker’s Compensation Insurance is meant to take care of an employee if they are hurt during work; this legislated benefit is intended to pay for required medical attention and offer some income until the worker is in a position to go back to their job. Regrettably, in Oregon, the laws governing worker’s compensation insurance regulations have proved so confusing that the majority of workers decide they need a lawyer to assist them in navigating their claim for worker’s compensation, and ensure they receive the benefits owed to them!

Here are the five typical types of Workers’ Compensation Benefits:

  • Medical attention for the harm or disability
  • Partial income
  • Costs for vocational retraining
  • Payment for injuries that are permanent
  • Survivors’ benefits paid to family members of employees whom are killed in the job

Whenever a claim for “worker’s comp” is filed, your point of contact is changed. You are not communicating with your workplace any more, you are now interacting with the insurance provider that your employer has hired to supply their chosen worker’s compensation insurance coverage. Unfortunately, the insurance company for your employer will do everything in their power to pay you the least amount possible; they don’t think of you as a priority – we do. Which is exactly why the lawyers at Shlesinger & deVilleneuve focus on helping injured individuals with their worker’s compensation ordeals; our firm was founded on the premise that we must use our experience, skill and resources to stand up for ordinary Oregonians that are being taken advantage of by huge corporate insurance firms! It is often true that without skilled representation, one person taking on the challenge of facing off with the unlimited resources at the disposal of this behemoth is likely to fail. At Shlesinger & deVilleneuve, we use our more than 40 years of expertise to stand up for the legal rights of hurt Oregon residents! We are fully aware of the intricacies of the worker’s compensation laws and regulations in Oregon. We understand just how to assist you in getting the full compensation you are entitled to!

It’s crucial to understand that Oregon has extremely rigid time limitations; timing is critical! You must get medical help and inform your boss about your injury immediately. Next, you need to call our office no later than one week after your injury, so we can assist you in collecting the documentation you’ll need and provide you with valuable guidance on your next step with filing a claim. When you call our office you can generally expect that you will get to talk to an experienced worker’s compensation attorney that same day or make arrangement for scheduling your free in-person or phone legal conference. All attorneys’ fees for worker’s compensation claims are always contingent; we accept no payment for assisting you unless we win for you. At Shlesinger & deVilleneuve, you are our priority!

Getting Your Claim Started

Rigid time restrictions drive this process. If you are hurt on the job you need to report the incident to your manager/supervisor and initiate the claim procedure. Injured employees in Oregon face a few of the most challenging obstacles. As soon as you know you’ve been harmed, notify your management quickly. Get medical help immediately. It’s also crucial for you to provide the health provider accurate and thorough details as to how the event took place. Make sure you and the healthcare provider review these details prior to you leaving his/her workplace. The outcome of most cases can be related back to the details given to the medical provider you are treated by. Don’t let anyone talk you into not reporting the incident. Call us quickly if you need support with the initial processing your claim.

Rejected Claims

Remember, the clock starts ticking as soon as you get hurt. Rigid time restrictions drive this process. When your claim is rejected, the notice should consist of a specific time frame for appeal. The time limit for response is 60 days. If you fail to meet this due date, you most likely are going to be barred from appeal. Call us quickly to avoid losing your opportunity to appeal a meritorious claim. If you have received a denial on your claim, there is no reason not to call our firm!

Notice of Closure

If your claim is closed, you might obtain a notice which awards permanent partial disability benefits. This too has a very short and specific window of time to appeal. If you get a denial notice or notice of closing, you have 60 days to respond. Once more, you must work inside this time restriction to prevent losing the chance to increase an award that is insufficient. For those who have gotten a Notice of closing, keep in mind that the insurance company should not be trusted to award the correct dollar amount. It requires a seasoned lawyer to help you through this procedure and stand up for all that you are entitled to. Do not delay. Call us quickly if you’ve gotten a Notice of closing.

Medical Service and Vocational Retraining Disputes

Given the recent developments of Oregon Workers’ compensation, it is really not unusual for a hurt worker to not be approved for needed vocational retraining and medical services. The insurance companies are frequently unwilling to cover required surgeries and therapy. Once more, notices denying the benefits above are accompanied by rigid time structures. If you get a notice that your needed medical service is getting rejected or you are not being considered for vocational retraining opportunities, be sure to contact us quickly so we can stand up for your rights.

Third-Party claims

Sometimes, a worker is injured at a job site managed by somebody other than his/her employer or by a person perhaps not linked to the worker’s employer. If this takes place, the employee could have what is known as a third-party claim; which generally follows the same path as an individual damage claim. A third-party claim provides, possibly, an additional type of recovery to a hurt worker. Like most of the worker’s compensation claims, these 3rd party claims similarly have rigid time restrictions that a hurt worker is normally not aware of. Call us to see how we can help you on these cases.


Settling your workers’ compensation claim can be a viable choice. If you would like to pursue getting your Oregon Workers’ compensation claim settled, you need a seasoned lawyer. Let’s face, the insurance industry is not interested in considering your best interest when formulating prospective settlement of your claim. If you are offered any type of settlement, contact us immediately. You may be accepting an offer that doesn’t fully represent what you are entitled to.

Lawyer Fees

Lawyer charges in Oregon Workers’ Compensation claims are predetermined by Oregon laws. These laws provide specific compensation schedules for Lawyers which may vary based on how your claim is handled and concluded. The one common thread to all these charges is that they are purely contingent. In other words, if you don’t obtain a monetary recovery or enrichment of benefits, you don’t owe your lawyer a fee.


Occasionally it is important for the lawyer to bear out-of-pocket expenses to develop your case. This is especially true if your case has been denied and your case is being prepared for a hearing. These are not charges for the attorney and/or staff time, but are expenses associated with furthering your claim. These include getting copies of your treatment records, claim investigation, medical consultations, litigation charges, and so on. We at Shlesinger & deVilleneuve generally always advance those types of expenses to ensure your claim gets all the necessary groundwork it requires.

Shlesinger & deVilleneuve Worker’s Compensation Attorneys

Shlesinger & deVilleneuve has over four decades of expertise battling for the legal rights of hurt Oregonians! Just last year, we effectively concluded approximately one thousand Worker’s Compensation claims. Our firm is specifically designed to not only meet, but exceed your expectations. When you reach out to us, one of our highly trained and compassionate receptionists will make sure to have one of our worker’s compensation team members return your call the same day to set up a free legal assessment. Our fees are based on contingency as provided by Oregon law, so you never need to worry about affording our services. We will not take payment unless we win your case.

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