Eugene Bicycle Accident Attorneys

In 2012, Portland, Oregon claimed the number one title for the “50 Most Bike Friendly Cities in America.” Portland is a reflection of how serious Oregonians are about their bikes, and Eugene has the same mindset. We love our bicycles! Unfortunately, more bicycles mean more bicycle accidents, and last year 19,000 cyclists were in reported accidents around the country; almost 16,000 were reported as “slightly injured,” but in 3,000 of those accidents, the cyclist was seriously injured – or killed. The most serious accidents and injuries that occur on a bicycle usually involve a car. A bicyclist is more at risk than a motorcyclist when it comes to a collision with a car. The most common cycling accidents include:

• Motorist emerging into the path of the cyclist
• Motorist turning across the path of the cyclist
• Cyclist riding into the path of a motorist
• Cyclist riding off the pavement into the path of a motorist
• Minor child playing on bicycle or riding too fast

As with so many types of accidents, a cyclist does not always realize they are injured until hours after the fact. In addition, these kinds of injuries may seem minor initially, but often become a major and permanent problem months – sometimes years – down the road. Though bicycle injuries are often considered “minor,” it is critical that you consult with an attorney as soon as possible; we can help you speak with the police, the driver, and the driver’s insurance company in order to determine what your best course of action may be.

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