Bicycle Safety for Kids

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Kids love to spend their time outside during the warm summer months. It is the perfect opportunity to spend time with friends exploring the community, enjoying local parks, and gathering at a friend’s house for sleepovers and grilling. Kids can spend the majority of their summer on rollerblades, scooters, skateboards, or bicycles.

Even if your child doesn’t travel far, it is important to share safety tips and remind them of the true dangers of the road. This can help ensure that your children can still have fun in the sun while remaining vigilant and responsible for their safety.

A Bicycle Is More Than a Toy

A bicycle is a vehicle, and children must understand that. Some rules need to be followed to ensure their safety while they ride. By educating the young child that a bike is more than just a toy it can reinforce the level of responsibility it takes to be trusted to ride a bike without direct parental observation.

Even if your child isn’t allowed to ride on streets with regular vehicular traffic, it is still important they understand the rules of sharing the road. This includes full stops at stop signs, clearly signaling their intentions, and always making sure they make eye contact with any drivers before crossing streets.

Stay Safe

Before the maiden bike ride of the year, take the time to make sure your child will be completely safe. This includes having a helmet that properly fits their head. You’ll also want to make sure that the bike is adjusted to the proper height for ideal access to the pedals and brakes. Children grow quickly, so odds are their bikes will need to be adjusted from the previous year’s settings.  Make sure the chains are tight and tires are filled with the appropriate air pressure.

Know What to Do If Anything Goes Wrong

Even with proper precautions, accidents can happen. It is wise that your children know what to do if they were to experience a serious fall, have a run-in with other pedestrians, or strike or be struck by a parked or moving car. This can involve calling you immediately, calling 911, or following a plan that you have established with them.

If you or a loved one does become involved in a bicycle accident, the professionals at Shlesinger & deVillenueve can help. Even if you just need information or want a free consultation, Contact us today.




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