How to Avoid Vehicle Accidents

At Shlesinger and deVilleneuve, we have represented thousands of clients who have been in vehicle accidents. This experience makes us uniquely qualified to advise you how best to avoid vehicle collisions in the first place. Stay Safe on the Road … Continued

How Social Media Affects Personal Injury Cases

A majority of Americans are active on at least one (1) social media platform such as Facebook. Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. How has social media changed the legal field? It’s complicated. Social media posts are becoming more and more prevalent in … Continued

How Much Does Hiring An Attorney Cost

The experts at Shlesinger & deVilleneuve almost always work on a contingency fee for personal injury claims. What that means is that they only get paid if you win your case. In the unusual event that you lose your personal … Continued

Driverless Cars: Can I Relax in the Backseat

With the news of driverless cars comes the news of driverless car accidents. While computers are great, they are not full-proof. A recent investigation into a popular car manufacturer’s self-driving features determined it wouldn’t even pass a basic driver’s road … Continued

What to Do If You Are Bitten or Injured by a Dog

While nearly everyone who has ever owned a dog views their furry friends as “man’s best friend,” those who have been bitten or attacked by a dog likely feel the opposite. Getting bitten by a dog can be both physically … Continued

How to Fix Your Public Reputation

If you are a business person or public figure, your reputation is important. Unfortunately, your reputation and public image can be tarnished by the careless or intentionally slanderous words of another. If someone has made a false or harmful statement … Continued

Was It Medical Malpractice

Even doctors make mistakes. Every year, thousands of Americans die, or experience worsened medical conditions due to mistakes made by hospitals and health care professionals. What Is Medical Malpractice? According to CNBC, medical errors or negligence is the third-leading cause … Continued

Are You Liable for a Bad Weather Auto Accident

Bad weather and inclement driving conditions account for many auto accidents every year here in Oregon. With heavy snowstorms, icy roads, and poor visibility, even the best drivers can get into accidents due to bad winter roads. In fact, it … Continued