What Do Personal Injury Attorneys Charge

If you are thinking of hiring a personal injury lawyer, one of your first questions is probably “How much is this going to cost?” If that’s the case, you are not alone. Many people wonder whether the amount that they … Continued

How Much Should My Injury Settlement Be?

If you are the innocent victim as a result of the negligence of another, you may very well be legally entitled to make a claim for a money settlement. The magic question that is asked so often is: How much … Continued

Proving Injuries in Car Accident Cases

Being able to successfully pursue your car accident case means being able to prove the full extent of your injuries. This may sound simple enough, but unfortunately, when dealing with car insurance companies, nothing is that simple. That is why … Continued

Do I Have A Case?

This is one of the most common questions that we receive. It is our expertise and our pleasure to talk with you about the details of your situation and to give you an answer. There is no cost for you … Continued

Am I Eligible for SSDI?

One of the first questions that come to mind when thinking about social security disability income is, “what injuries or illnesses make a person eligible for benefits”? The answer to this question is two-fold. On the one hand, there is … Continued

Is The Value of My Car Accident Case 3 Xs The Medical Bills

The logic behind this mathematical equation and overall concept is intrinsically flawed.  If this was a true representation of how insurance companies calculated settlement offers victims would be always incentivized to obtain as much medical treatment, even when it is … Continued

Questions About Loss Of Income Due To A Car Accident

Jodi, a single mother, left home at 7:30 in the morning to drop her five-year old at daycare.  After a kiss goodbye, she again got on the road headed to work as independent hair stylist.  While stopped in traffic, Jodi was rear-ended by … Continued

Why Do They Get Benefits And I Don’t?

Even though there are rules to follow, the SSA is full of human beings interpreting the rules.  We all know that people are subjective.  One person at the SSA looking at your claim might feel differently than the next person.  … Continued