Driverless Cars: Can I Relax in the Backseat

With the news of driverless cars comes the news of driverless car accidents. While computers are great, they are not full-proof. A recent investigation into a popular car manufacturer’s self-driving features determined it wouldn’t even pass a basic driver’s road … Continued

How to Fix Your Public Reputation

If you are a business person or public figure, your reputation is important. Unfortunately, your reputation and public image can be tarnished by the careless or intentionally slanderous words of another. If someone has made a false or harmful statement … Continued

Breathalyzer Test in Oregon

Police officers throughout Oregon have a professional duty to identify and stop drunk drivers whenever they suspect driving under the influence, and one of the most important tools they use to identify drunk drivers is the chemical test. A police … Continued

Do You Qualify For Workers Comp?

Some people erroneously think that in order to qualify for the benefits provided by worker’s compensation, your injury or illness has to be catastrophic. Not every illness or accident you suffer on the job has to be life altering to … Continued

Shut Off and Pocket Your Smartphone

A Simple Way to Live Longer – Shut Off and Pocket Your Smartphone If you are looking for the best exercise routine, the perfect diet or another way to extend your life, look no further. Researchers have found the single … Continued

What to do if struck by a Motor Vehicle?

Pedestrians who are struck by a motor vehicle are generally covered under the driver’s Oregon’s no-fault insurance provision for medical expenses and lost wages.  Medical coverage is usually $15,000 for two years and wage loss can be as much as … Continued

Been a Victim of a Dog Attack?

Dog Owners Are Responsible for Their Dogs Know the Signs That a Dog Bite is Imminent Did you know that smiling is a sign of aggression to a dog and can trigger an attack? It’s true. Dogs don’t recognize emotions … Continued