How a New Job Could Impact Workers’ Compensation

If you currently receive workers’ compensation benefits, you may wonder if you can switch to another job. Before making any employment changes, it is important to understand how your benefits may change. Finding New Employment While completely within your rights … Continued

Can I Get Workers Compensation Off the Clock

The typical American adult spends a larger percentage of their time at work than at home. With so many hours devoted to our jobs, your employer must provide you with workers’ compensation if anything were to happen to you at … Continued

Understanding Worker’s Compensation in Oregon

Worker’s compensation exists to help anyone who got hurt on the job, as it’s the responsibility of the employer to minimize risk and ensure their employees are safe. In Oregon, the complexity of these laws may make it hard to … Continued

Do I Need a Lawyer to File a Workers Comp Claim in Oregon

In Oregon, workers compensation insurance covers almost every working person, with the exception of federal government employees and certain seafaring jobs. The worker’s comp system is meant to pay benefits to anyone who suffers an injury or debilitating disease in … Continued

What Is Covered By Workers Compensation?

An illness or injury that is sustained while completing work for the employer’s benefit and during the course of employment is considered a work-related illness or injury. Any work-related illness or injury is covered by workers’ compensation, even if it … Continued