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Accidents resulting in physical injury can occur in all sorts of situations, including while you’re working. Such incidents are often referred to as on-the-job injuries, and depending on their severity, they may cause you to become eligible for worker’s compensation. It’s natural to have concerns after suffering through a serious accident. You might be concerned about your medical bills, or how long you’ll have to be away from work healing, and what that might mean for your income. Fortunately, the state of Oregon’s Workers Compensation law has provisions for that exact scenario to ensure that you are well taken care of. If you have been injured in such a way that your ability to work has been compromised, you might be able to have all your medical bills covered, as well as two-thirds of your income.

Even within the category of on-the-job injuries, there are various different examples and scenarios that could take place. These are some of the most commonly reported injuries:

  • Slip-And-Fall Accidents: These are accidents that occur when somebody trips or slips on a ground-level surface, such as tripping over uneven flooring or sliding on an icy patch of sidewalk. This can result in all sorts of tearing or fractures and potentially cause head trauma depending on how the person falls.
  • Falls From an Elevated Level: These are accidents that occur when someone falls from some distance above ground. This is more likely in situations where you are required to work in elevated areas, such as in construction sites, on roofs, or even tall ladders.
  • Vehicular Accidents: These are incidents involving any moving vehicle, such as a car or a truck. It could also be used to describe accidents involving more specialized types of vehicles, such as a dump truck or an aerial work platform.
  • Machinery Related Accidents: Other types of equipment beyond vehicles can cause accidents as well, especially at factories involving all sorts of potentially hazardous machinery. These cases tend to involve parts of the body becoming caught in moving pieces of machinery and can result in severe injuries.
  • Lower Body Musculoskeletal Trauma: In this case, the term lower body is used to refer to every part of the body that exists below the waist, such as a person’s feet, knees, overall legs, and hips. While these areas could certainly become injured in some of the above examples, this refers to issues resulting from overexertion of those body parts. The most common cause of this type of trauma is repetitive motion, attempting to move in an awkward or unnatural matter, and excessive kneeling or squatting.
  • Upper Body Musculoskeletal Trauma: In this case, the term upper body is used to refer to every part of the body that exists above the waist, such as a person’s back, neck, arms, and hands. These also suffer from overexertion due to repetitive motion, as well as lifting, gripping, pushing, and more.
  • Head Trauma: This could refer to overall blunt force trauma to the head. However, it also describes instances involving specific areas of the head, such as a person’s eyes or ears. That means that hearing loss and reduced eyesight could both be considered forms of head trauma.
  • Substance-Induced Illness: Physical trauma is not the only way to harm the body. Various different types of substances, such as pesticides, certain chemical cleaners, or toxic mold, could expose you to hazardous fumes that result in serious injury.

If you have experienced any of the above or some other form of injury or illness while on the job in Brookings or Gold Beach, it’s important to file quickly, as there is a deadline for worker’s compensation claims involving such situations. In some cases, you might find your initial request is denied. There are ways to file an appeal to ensure you can still receive benefits, but that has a deadline as well. These are just a few of the many things all claimants need to understand when looking to apply for benefits. To ensure that you don’t unnecessarily delay the process or miss an important step, it’s vital to hire a skilled worker’s compensation lawyer.

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