Are Red Cars Linked to Car Accidents

At one point or another, you have probably heard someone claim that red cars are the most likely to be ticketed by police, but why is this?  This may sound like simply an urban legend, but studies have shown that time and time again, this fact seems to be confirmed as true.  In addition, red […]

Avoiding Winter Driving Accidents

No matter how severe the weather may get in the winter, it is important to understand how to properly navigate the roads in all types of weather. A car accident can result in numerous complications for yourself and anyone else involved in the incident. This can be draining emotionally, mentally, and financially. Before getting behind […]

Understanding Oregon Car Insurance

Oregon residents know that car insurance is required for all drivers, or at the very least, liability insurance. It’s important to have basic knowledge about Oregon car insurance when driving in this state. Minimum Requirements for Car Insurance In Oregon, you must carry Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance, as well as liability insurance that covers […]

How to Prove Fault in an Oregon Accident

Drivers on the road owe each other a duty of care, as well as a duty of care to pedestrians. Driving requires an understanding between all parties that you are driving with full safety consideration and responsibility, and are following the rules of the road. This duty of care doesn’t only extend to drivers and […]

What to Do After an Accident

The moments after an accident, even one that you might consider relatively minor, will be hectic and you may struggle to collect your thoughts. It’s sensible to think every once in a while, about what you will do if you’re involved in a collision. Imagine this common scenario: You’ve just merged onto the highway on […]

Determining Head-On Collision Liability

Involvement in a car accident can be frightening and lead to possible serious injuries. In particular, head-on collisions can be increasingly dangerous and fatal. If you found yourself involved in a head-on collision, you may be uncertain of what, if any, personal injury claim you may be able to file. With these types of accidents, […]

Auto Accident Passenger Rights in Oregon

When involved in an automobile accident, it can feel as though you have no real control of the situation. Everything happens quickly, and you may have been unable to take any preventive measures. This feeling of no control can be exceptionally intense for passengers who were involved in an accident. When involved as a passenger […]

Can A Car Accident Injure The Spinal Cord

What Is a Spinal Cord Injury? Your spinal cord, along with your brain, is part of your central nervous system. Your brain sends signals through your spinal cord all over your body for all sorts of purposes. A spinal cord injury is any damage to your spinal cord or its nerve endings. These injuries result […]

How Long Should I Wait to Call an Attorney After Being Injured

When disaster strikes — and you or a loved one have been injured through an accident or negligence — it’s natural to hope for the best. Often this involves hoping that the party responsible for the injury will do the right thing. Unfortunately, hope alone will not protect your rights or hold negligent parties accountable. […]

How To Avoid Vehicle Accidents

At Shlesinger and deVilleneuve, we have represented thousands of clients who have been in vehicle accidents. This experience makes us uniquely qualified to advise you how best to avoid vehicle collisions in the first place. Stay Safe on the Road The best way to stay safe on the highway is to follow all applicable driving […]