Tips For Preparing for a Consultation with your Attorney

Your initial consultation with your attorney is a great opportunity for you to feel out the attorney and make sure you are comfortable with your choice about the law firm and lawyer. To make sure you are a good fit, consider the following checklist. Plan Ahead for Your Meeting First, write down a short narrative […]

Signing Waivers and Personal Injury: What You Need to Know

Waivers are a common feature in our modern world. You sign them for doctors, for schools, for gyms, for ski resorts and for all sorts of other situations. While waivers do provide a measure of protection for companies, they are not a license for the companies to behave as they please with no consequences. A […]

You Can’t Tell a Jury That!

You Can’t Tell A Jury That! It is typical to hear people complain about the civil justice system in the United States. These complains vary from inaccessibility to cost, and everything in between. However, no system is perfect and when compared to the alternatives the US civil justice system is the best and most fair […]