Who Can File for Wrongful Death in Oregon

At Shlesinger & de Villeneuve Attorneys, P.C., we have worked with hundreds of clients who recently experienced the death of a loved one. Navigating this process can be challenging, especially if someone else’s negligence was the source of the death. Many residents in Oregon are unaware that they can file a wrongful death claim against […]

What to Do When Injured on the Job

When you get ready to go to work, whether in an office or warehouse, you expect the area to be free of hazards and safe to navigate. You expect your equipment to function as intended without fear of anything catastrophic. Unfortunately, workers in Oregon get injured on the job every day. You may feel shocked […]

How to Handle Dog Bite Cases in Oregon

Dogs may be cute, lovable, and loyal in many cases, but that does not mean they will not cause someone serious injury. If a dog in Oregon attacked you or someone you know, this means that the dog’s owner may be liable for what happened and must act appropriately. Here are a few tips on […]

Pursuing Birth Injury Claims

Having a baby is one of the most special miracles of life. It is a time that can be overwhelming mentally, emotionally, and physically. While there are numerous options for women when it comes to their birth plans, many choose to deliver their babies within a hospital setting. This is often done under the assumption […]

Shlesinger & deVilleneuve | Types of Burn Injuries in Personal Injury Cases

Types of Burn Injuries in Personal Injury Cases   Personal injury cases come with a multitude of different injury types and causes. Burn injuries are the most painful and can result from accidents and liability incidents, such as defective products, car accidents, or work-related accidents. If you suffered burns from someone else’s negligence, you deserve […]

Shlesinger & deVilleneuve | Filing for Medical Malpractice in Oregon

Filing for Medical Malpractice in Oregon   Medical malpractice cases are incredibly complicated and upsetting. People trust that their healthcare professionals will care for them; though many strive to, some fall short. When you or your loved one is dealing with health complications due to medical malpractice, it can be hard to know what to […]

How to Find Fair Compensation for Defective Hip or Knee Replacement

A number of recalls in Oregon for replacement joints are a frightening prospect for those with such implants. The negligence of a company could affect you or a loved one severely, especially considering that your joint replacement was performed to improve your health and life. It’s important to know when you might be able to […]

Why Disability Claims Get Denied

Millions of Americans apply for Social Security Disability benefits each year. Of this number, only 30% tend to be approved at the initial level. The application process requires extensive documentation that proves without a doubt that you are not able to work in any capacity. There are a few common reasons why disability claims get […]

Can A Car Accident Injure The Spinal Cord

What Is a Spinal Cord Injury? Your spinal cord, along with your brain, is part of your central nervous system. Your brain sends signals through your spinal cord all over your body for all sorts of purposes. A spinal cord injury is any damage to your spinal cord or its nerve endings. These injuries result […]

Medical Negligence: The Basics of Medical Malpractice Claims

Medical malpractice is a legal term that refers to medical negligence. This can occur when an individual suffers injury or death because of the mistakes made by a doctor, nurse, hospital staff member, or other healthcare providers. Medical professionals are required to take reasonable care in their work, and this includes following professional guidelines and […]