Cautious Winter Driving

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It is crucial to exercise extra care when driving during the winter months in Medford, Oregon. Consider eliminating all distractions so that you and your passengers are as safe as possible.  Also, designate an emergency contact that knows your travel plans if you go to remote areas that have no cellular service.

  1. Limit all distractions. Distractions are not limited to phone calls and texting.  You may also get distracted by an argument in your vehicle or you may be trying to eat your lunch while driving back to work.  Many things keep us from focusing entirely on adverse weather conditions.
  2. Keep the volume down. Don’t listen to your music so loud that it distracts you, or prevents you from hearing other vehicles or sirens.  Keeping the volume down will ensure that you listen to what you need to hear while you commute.
  3. If you don’t have to travel during limited visibility, then don’t. There isn’t any reason to risk having an accident if you can’t see to get somewhere safely.
  4. If you are already inside your vehicle when the weather turns bad, then get to a safe place and wait until the weather and conditions improve.
  5. Keep an emergency kit in your vehicle. Place extra gloves, blankets, pillows, food, and water in your emergency kit.  Jumper cables, a flare, flashlights, and other car-related items are a good idea as well.
  6. Drive slower than average and allow extra space between you and the other vehicles on the road.
  7. Brake much sooner if you must stop for a pedestrian or cyclist.
  8. Don’t leave your vehicle if you have an emergency, unless it is dangerous for you to stay inside of your car. Call emergency services and run your heater as needed if you are stranded.

If you are in a car accident because of irresponsible winter driving, contact Shlesinger & deVillenueve for assistance with starting a case!

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