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The loss of a family member is surely the most tragic scenario an individual and their family can experience. When that passing is the result of neglect or carelessness by another person or entity – the loss may be exceedingly more difficult to withstand. If you have lost someone you love, and another individual or entity is to blame, it may possibly be a cause for a wrongful death suit. Even though it might be difficult to consider taking legal action during such a difficult time, it is essential to keep in mind that your family and you may be going into a future with considerable financial and emotional burden because of this loss. A wrongful death action is appropriate in a situation in which the careless or irresponsible behavior of another leads to a fatality, or a serious injury which ultimately results in fatality. While there is no way to bring your loved one back, the responsible party must bare the responsibility; your future depends on it. Many wrongful death actions are due to a personal injury of some sort, including:

  • Premises Liability: significant physical injury which lead to death, or death that is instantly caused on public or private property
  • Product Liability: faulty and/or harmful products which, when utilized, lead to significant injuries that result in death, or cause instant death
  • Vehicle Accidents: Severe physical injuries that lead to death, or instant death that’s the result of any types crashes associated with motorized vehicles
  • Medical Malpractice: Disability and/or disorder that leads to death, or immediate death that’s triggered by medical mistake or neglect on part of any medical treatment or practitioner

The law offices of Shlesinger & deVilleneuve have been fighting for the legal rights of injured Oregon residents for more than forty years. We have won more than $100 million in compensation on behalf of our clients! The attorneys on our team are devoted to advocating for individuals who are dealing with devastating losses and will do so with compassion and care. If you have lost someone that you love there’s no amount of money that can fill that void, however, you do have the right to any comfort that is available in seeing the responsible party being face the consequences of their actions.

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We encourage you to reach out to our office so that we can stand by you through this very difficult and overwhelming time. You have enough to be worried about, our fee is not one of them. We will work with you on a contingency basis, so you are not responsible for paying our fee until your case is successfully settled! Your first meeting with our attorneys is always free of charge – so please don’t let the wrongful acts of another go unchallenged.
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