Why Does Corporate America Hate Trial Lawyers?

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Why Does Corporate America Hate Trial Lawyers?

Our system of government is based on the belief that those who govern us must be “checked” against their own self-interest.  We are a representative government, which means our elected officials are charged with voicing the concerns of their respective constituency.  These elected officials can only effectuate progress or change with the agreement of the other branches of government.  The whole concept of “checks” and “balances” is premised on the idea that our government must be “checked” against itself so that the final product is not a reflection of the few.  In theory, that is the hope.  It doesn’t always work, but it is a goal worth pursuing.


Corporate America is not bound by the same inherent checks and balances.  Corporate America is generally interested in satisfying the interests of its shareholder and investors.  While I am certainly not suggesting that some companies are not interested in the safety and welfare of the people, I am certainly suggesting that these types of concerns are typically rendered a back seat to the financial consideration of Corporate America.  Is this fundamentally wrong?  The current and prevailing model of our capitalist society would seem to support this model.  After all, it is this type of political and economic framework which has enabled creativity to flow freely and progress to move forward.  The incredible advances we have made in the past 100 years in the areas of science, medicine, space, and technology (just to name a few) would not have been possible in the absence of this economic model; many would argue.

The question for our consideration here, however, is the ramification of the absence of indigenous checks and balances associated with this model.  Arguable, the myriad of government agencies administrating the complex workings of the private corporate world are intended to offer some checks and balances, but they often fall short.  Corporate America is charged with developing safe and functioning devices.  Failure to do so can be devastating.  When airplanes, cars, trucks, tractors, play structures, boats, buildings, and many other things are not properly tested, carefully designed, correctly assembled, and safely manufactured bad things happen. 


What happens when these bad things occur?  Do you go to your local elected official and demand change?  Does Corporate America respond to your inquiry and concern?  Do you immediately and routinely get compensated for the consequences of the faulty product?  Does the company alter its behavior out of the goodness of their corporate soul because you got hurt by their product?  Obviously the answer to all the above rhetorical questions is a resounding NO.  Corporate America acts when it is forced to act.  This is where personal injury attorneys make all the difference.  The reason Corporate America hates Trial Lawyers is because we are the checks and balances on behalf of society.  That is the burden and privilege we proudly shoulder!

When Corporate America fails to exercise due diligence in manufacturing or disseminating its products/services someone gets hurt.  When the injured party fails to obtain any resolution or satisfaction from Corporate America they are rendered practically powerless.  Could you take on Corporate America?  When they seek the assistance of a personal injury lawyer they are hoping someone can level the playing field.  They are helpless and they need someone to stand up for them.  That is when we, trial lawyers, plaintiff lawyers, personal injury lawyers get to work.

A personal injury lawyer is almost always out gunned when taking on Corporate America.  We can never compete with the endless resources, wealth and man power at their disposal.  But we are resilient and remain undeterred.  Whether we pursue a class action, demand punitive damages, or file a single complaint, we are determined to see our client made whole.  We are equally determined to effectuate change so that others are not similarly injured or damaged by Corporate America’s wrong doing.  We know we are often the only line of defense at the victims’ disposal and we take that responsibility very seriously.


Corporate America hates trial lawyers because we serve to check and balance them.  If we didn’t stand in their way, protect the public from their malfeasance, demand better working conditions, safer products, and respect for the individual… who would?


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