Did a Product Injure You

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If you live in the Medford, Oregon area, and a product recently caused you injury, consider these steps to making sure that you have the right information to move forward with a potential case.  Shlesinger & deVillenueve is happy to meet with you to determine your rights and advise you on the process of pursuing a claim for damages.

  • If you can keep the product that injured you, do so. If it isn’t possible to keep the product that hurt you, then consider gathering as much information as you can about the product.  Any serial number, the name, the type, even the color might be necessary.  Take as many notes as possible about the product that injured you.
  • If you can document evidence by photo or video, do so as soon as possible.
  • Record what happened when you were injured. Don’t forget to note what happened when you received medical attention.
  • Don’t return the product to the manufacturer as it may become lost or be replaced.
  • If you have any witnesses, have them write down what they witnessed on paper, date it, and sign it. Make sure to include their contact information on that same paper.
  • Avoid taking your injury and complaints about the defective product public. It may hurt your case if you say negative things about the product or company on social media.  Consider that you have a potential for a product liability case every time you talk about the events of the day you were injured.
  • Compile all the evidence you’ve collected, notes from your physician and the hospital, and call us for a meeting so that we can analyze the potential for a case.
  • If you do have a case, understand that it is sometimes a slow process. Keep your lawyer updated regularly and keep your calendar handy to mark down important dates that you may need to recall later.
  • Don’t forget to keep copies of all the evidence you’ve collected! If anything gets lost, you will have a backup for everyone to use.
  • Stay in touch with witnesses that you know so they can clear their schedules ahead of time for your court dates.


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