Free Car Accident Kit – Be Prepared

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Free Car Accident Kit – Be Prepared

For several years our firm has offered a free accident kit to our clients and anyone who contacts us and requests one. We do this because we understand a car accident is a very traumatic event throwing your world into chaos and uncertainty. The time of a crash is NOT the time to attempt to locate your important documents. It is also NOT the time to figure out what you need to do, what information you need to acquire from the other party, what material you should share with the other party, what forms you have to file with the DMV, and what evidence you should gather in general.

The intent of our CAR ACCIDENT KIT is to reduce this type of stress and confusion. Once you contact our office and request your free kit we will send you a blue plastic organizer that fits in your car’s glove compartment. When you open the organizer you will find slits where you can insert your car registration form, insurance card, road side assistance card and similar cards you might have.

You will also find two forms in the car accident kit. The first is a single page form our firm designed for automobile accidents. In filing out this form you will be required to acquire the necessary information from the other party that you will need to use later in your claim process. The simple act of completing our form will in essence answer your question of “what information should I get from the other side?”

The other document we include in the Shlesinger & deVilleneuve Car Accident Kit is OREGON TRAFFIC ACCIDENT AND INSURANCE REPORT from the Oregon DMV. This is VERY important. The State of Oregon requires everyone in a car accident to complete and file this form with the DMV within 72 hours of the automobile accident. This is true for every car accident resulting in injuries or property damage in excess of $1,500. Failure to complete and file this form can result in penalties including suspension of your driver’s license. Therefore, it cannot be stressed enough the importance of making sure you comply with this requirement in a timely manner. This is also why we include this form with our accident kit. By having this form with you at the time of the accident you will be able to fill it out immediately following the accident and file it with the DMV.

Sometimes we will get a call from someone two or three months after an accident and discover they failed to complete and submit their accident form with the DMV. Typically, if the DMV has not taken adverse action against you already, then filing the form is still an option. However, if you contact our office after your license has been suspended because you have failed to file this form, it will be a much more difficult process for you.

As a responsible driver, part of your obligation is to keep your records and information up to date and accessible in the event of an accident.

Feel free to contact our office and request your FREE Car Accident Kit. Also, know that you can always call our office at any time for FREE advice. If you are in an accident and are not sure what to do, give us a call. We will be happy to walk you through process, guide you appropriately and make sure by the time you leave the accident scene you will have all the information you need.

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