Get Your Oregon Worker’s Comp Claim Submitted Quickly

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One thing most people don’t know about worker’s comp is that if you don’t submit it in time, you won’t be able to submit it at all. If you are injured, it is your right to get compensated for wages and expenses.  Here are guidelines for your worker’s comp claim in Oregon.

  • Your employer must know if you have been hurt as soon as possible. They need to know as soon as you are injured so they can start filing paperwork and calling in a replacement for your position while you are out of the building at the doctor.
  • Fill out form 801, which is a report of a job injury or illness form. This is the official paperwork you use to report the incident to your employer. Your employer then has only five days to give it to the insurer.
  • Get copies of all forms that your doctor and employer fill out and send to the insurance company.
  • If you’ve gone to the doctor, have the doctor fill out form 827 and submit it to the insurer in three days or less!
  • Once your employer and doctor have notified the insurance company with the 801 and 827 forms, then you can notify the insurance company if you have other jobs. You’ll have to do that within 30 days of the incident.
  •  If you have an accepted claim, you will get an explanation letter describing what is accepted and what conditions are covered.
  • If your claim isn’t accepted, they will send you a letter explaining the rejection of the claim.   Then you have the right to request a hearing to fight the conclusion and see if you can convince them to change their position.  If you haven’t had an attorney represent you up to this point, this is when you’ll want to give us a call.

If you are starting the process, send us your information, so that we can be by your side during the entire process.

Worker’s comp in Oregon is a fast process. If any of the deadlines for the steps are missed, then they can deny a claim. Reach out to Shlesinger & deVillenueve to get the answers you need about compensation for your injuries at work.

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