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If you have sustained an injury while at work, and that injury is preventing your capacity to work, it is important to think about what options are available to you. Oregon’s Workers’ Compensation law is designed to compensate you for all of your medical bills, as well as two-thirds of your lost earnings. You may be entitled to receive benefits until such time you are able to return to your job. The benefits you will get will be determined by the type of injury you have sustained, and how it happened.

The most typical workplace injuries are:

  • Musculoskeletal injuries: Associated with upper body anatomy: i.e.,back, neck, and arms – caused by repetitive motion and over exerting yourself. Pushing, moving, picking up, carrying, etc
  • Head injuries: (eyes, head, ears, neck) due to falling, ocular injuries, loss of hearing, etc
  • Substance or toxin induced illness: Chemicals from asbestos, coal, cleaners, PCB’s
  • Falls from same level: trips or slips and falls onto flat surface
  • Falls from elevation: falling off of ladder, roof, or any other platforms
  • Machinery: caused when an employee’s limb or another part of his/her anatomy is caught within the “moving parts” of equipment
  • Auto or other motorized vehicle: work-related vehicle accidents

If you have experienced an injury at work, or you think something in your work environment is making you ill, it is essential that you file a workers’ compensation claim as soon as you possibly can; there are strict time frames for these claims! If your claim should be denied, you need to file an appeal not more than 60 days later, or you will forfeit your right to benefits entirely! Filing a workers’ compensation claim can be very difficult to figure out; it is much better to have an experienced legal professional in your corner – especially in Oregon!

The reputable attorneys of Shlesinger & deVilleneuve have logged many years of “trench work” in the field of workers’ compensation law. In fact, each year our firm tackles nearly 1,000 Workers’ Compensation claims. We have the medical aptitude to speak with your physicians and collect the pertinent facts. We are not hesitant about facing down the big insurance companies to get you what is fair and right! Our attorneys work on a contingency basis, as mandated by the state of Oregon; we know you have enough to manage, we will not accept payment until we win your case. Contact us today and one of our team members will connect with you to get your complimentary consultation scheduled. At Shlesinger & deVilleneuve, we prioritize you BEFORE our bottom line!

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Shlesinger & deVilleneuve has over four decades of expertise battling for the legal rights of hurt Oregonians! Just last year, we effectively concluded approximately one thousand Worker’s Compensation claims. Our firm is specifically designed to not only meet, but exceed your expectations. When you reach out to us, one of our highly trained and compassionate receptionists will make sure to have one of our worker’s compensation team members return your call the same day to set up a free legal assessment. Our fees are based on contingency as provided by Oregon law, so you never need to worry about affording our services. We will not take payment unless we win your case.
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