Help with Your Social Security Disability Application in Oregon

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If you are trying to apply for Social Security Disability in Oregon and need assistance, you can call or visit a Social Security office for help with the application.  You may also visit for more information about the form and how to figure it out.

  • You are eligible for social security disability benefits if you have a disability and are not able to work any longer because of injury or illness. Not only can you apply for your benefits, but your children and spouse are also eligible.
  • Your disability must last or have lasted 12 months or be determined that it will result in death.
  • If you are a family member of a deceased worker, you only have three months to apply.
  • Include everything you can about the disability or death in the application that you send. If you are applying for yourself, including all the medical information that states that you will not be able to work for an extended period and why.
  • After you file, the Oregon Disability Determination Service will contact your doctors. Then you will get a request to go to a different doctor, or you will get a decision.  If you are eligible, you may find that they award you some back pay for the months you waited on their decision.  If you are not eligible, then you can appeal the decision if you so choose.
  • The appeals process can take a year or two to get done. During this time, you will not receive benefits.

If you need help with your Social Security Disability Application in Oregon, contact Shlesinger & deVillenueve for help and information on an appeals process if you are denied benefits.  If you start the application with us by your side, we can make sure everything is in order for every step of the way.  You are more likely to get approved for a disability application when you have an attorney in your corner that is watching out for each and everything, just in case something important isn’t filed or signed!


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