Here’s What You Can Do to Avoid Accidents

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Automobile accidents cause tens of thousands of deaths every year in the United States. They cause even more injuries, some of them severe enough to permanently alter the life of the injured party. If you have suffered an injury due to a negligent driver, you can recover damages for lost wages, medical expenses, pain and suffering and other things.

It is better, however, to avoid the accident altogether rather than need to seek compensation for it later. When you are driving, there are certain steps you can take to mitigate the risks you face in getting into an accident that can injure or even kill you. Follow these tips to stay safe on the highways.

  • Stay alert. Do not drive if you are drowsy. Pay attention to other drivers while you drive.
  • Use turn signals when changing lanes or when turning. Turn signals allow other drivers to predict your actions.
  • Wear safety belts. You are less likely to be injured or killed if you wear seat belts. This goes for your passengers as well.
  • Watch for yellow lights. Yellow lights do not mean speed up; they mean prepare to stop because the light will be red soon.
  • Do not text while driving. Texting is a new danger that has caused many accidents. Keep your attention on the road and on the other drivers.
  • Observe speed limits. Speed limits are set according to the conditions of the road. Take them seriously.
  • Be aware of the weather. Your car will not perform the same in all environments. If the road is wet, slow down and be careful when turning.
  • Avoid distractions. A loud radio, other passengers or any other type of distraction can cause you to get into an accident.
  • Stay up to date on vehicle maintenance. Make sure your brakes, your headlights, and turn signals are working. Proper vehicle maintenance can prevent accidents.

By following these common-sense suggestions, you can save yourself and your loved ones a lot of pain and suffering. Pass them along to friends and family and let’s make our highways a safer place to drive.


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