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The beautiful thing about living in Hillsboro is that there are plenty of nearby places to take a walk, parks to play with your kids and, bodies of water to splash around in. Even on those signature Pacific Northwest foggy days, being outdoors is an easy thing to enjoy in our lovely community.

However, being outside also means sharing these amenities with neighbors and other members of the community – specifically, the four-legged variety. Whether with an owner or not, it is not unusual to cross paths with a dog while out adventuring around Hillsboro with your family.

While dogs are fiercely loyal and loving companions – if you are not their owner it could be a different story. In fact, nearly 800,000 people are bitten each year by dogs. A whopping 40% of those bites needed medical attention because they were so severe.

Unfortunately, it is highly-likely that number is so high because the most common age group for dog bits is between ages five and nine. When a little child gets bit by a dog the injuries can be quite severe, and are usually concentrated around the neck, throat, and face.

It is very rare that a dog will lurch into attack mode and bite without being provoked. However, sometimes it doesn’t take much to provoke a dog if their mood or disposition is already aggressive.

Some reasons that a dog might bite are:

  • The dog is old and cranky
  • The dog is sick or injured and is defending itself (even if you are trying to help)
  • The dog is protecting its owner and perceives you as a threat
  • The dog is protecting its territory
  • The dog is afraid and is trying to protect itself
  • The dog has been traumatized or abused

While many families live with dogs every day without incident, it is important not to assume that all dogs are friendly and safe.

In Hillsboro, the ‘one bite’ law is followed, which provides that a dog owner is liable for bites caused by the owner’s negligence, the owner violating the leash law or another animal control law, or the owner keeping the dog even though it is known to be a danger toward humans.

This law can make things difficult to prove in cases that are not so black and white, and that is why you need a skilled and experience legal team in your corner.

Since 1971, our firm has been fighting and winning settlements for injured Oregon residents. In fact, our record of more than 95% wins stands for itself and, is something that we are very proud of.

This record means that we have made it possible for 95% of our injured clients to focus on their healing, and not stress about their growing medical bills or loss of income due to their injures.

If you or someone that you love has experienced the trauma of a dog bite, make sure you call our office today and schedule a complimentary consultation. We will take this time to meet you and listen to your story so that we can formulate the best possible way to proceed in helping you.

In fact, we are so confident that we can secure a favorable outcome for your case, that we will not charge you a dime unless we win.

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