How Are Social Security Disability Benefits Reviewed

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If you have successfully been granted Social Security for a disability in the state of Oregon, the process is long from over. As long as you keep receiving the benefits, you must complete periodic reviews of your condition to monitor whether or not you still need these benefits. 

This process is not meant to be complicated — it’s simply a way to ensure no one is taking advantage of the system. Below you will find an outline of how these reviews work. 

Regular Social Security Reviews

You will receive a letter when it is time for your social security benefits to be reviewed. When you receive this letter, you must plan to go to the nearest Social Security office. At the office, we will ask you a series of questions about your condition to evaluate if it has improved, stayed the same, or worsened. 

What to Bring to the Review

When summoned for your review, you will be asked to bring all your official medical paperwork detailing your condition and the treatment you have received for it. 

This medical paperwork will be carefully evaluated by a disability examiner, who will decide if you need an updated medical examination. 

How Often Will I Have This Review?

Depending on the severity of your case, you will either be required to complete a review every three or seven years. If your case is less likely to improve, there is a higher chance you will only have to have a review every seven years. 

Based on this review, Social Security will decide if you are eligible to keep receiving benefits or if your benefits are to be terminated.

Don’t Agree With the Termination of Your Benefits?

If you do not agree with the termination of your benefits, contact our team at Shlesinger & deVilleneuve to learn how to appeal your case. 


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