How Long Does It Take Compensation to Come Through

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The amount of time it takes to receive compensation from a personal injury case depends on your particular claim, along with a few other factors. However, the general rule is that it will take anywhere between 14 and 28 days once you have accepted the offer.

Reaching a Settlement in Court vs. Out of Court

If you can reach a settlement without having to go to court, your lawyer will try and get you the compensation around 14 days from the date you accepted the agreement. However, if you do not receive the compensation, you may end up in court to ensure you do receive the settlement in a timely manner.

If you reach your settlement through court, it may take a bit longer. Most commonly, you will receive your compensation 21 days from the date of your settlement. However, this number can shift. If your payment is not received within a certain time frame, you may end up back in court so the judge can make sure you are paid.

Other Potential Timeframes

If you are receiving compensation from a foreign insurance company, it will likely take longer before you receive your payment. This can take several weeks or more for your money to arrive.

There have been times when people receive their money in as little as five days after signing their settlement. However, this is only true if the insurance company automatically sends the payment, and this is not known to happen very often.

The other factor to keep in mind is the Oregon State Bar rules which dictate that a lawyer must deposit settlement funds in their client’s trust account before disbursing funds to the client and to the lawyer.  If the settlement funds are through a check the typical wait time is 5 business days.  If the settlement funds are through a draft the wait time increases to 10 days.

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