How Long Does It Take to Receive Compensation?

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The timeline for receiving compensation from a personal injury case varies based on the specifics of your claim and other factors. Generally, it takes between 14 and 28 days once you have accepted a settlement offer.

Settlement Timing: In Court vs. Out of Court

When a settlement is reached out of court, your attorney typically aims to secure your compensation within 14 days from the agreement date. If you don’t receive the payment within this period, court intervention might be necessary to enforce the settlement.

For settlements reached through court proceedings, the timeline can be slightly longer. Compensation is usually disbursed around 21 days after the settlement date, though this can vary. Delays might require a return to court for the judge to ensure payment is made.

Additional Timeframes

If the compensation is coming from a foreign insurance company, expect a longer wait. It might take several weeks or more for the payment to process.

In some instances, recipients have received their payments as quickly as five days after signing the settlement agreement. This expedited process typically occurs when the insurance company promptly issues the payment, which is rare.

Ensuring the insurance company has your correct bank details for direct deposit can significantly reduce the waiting time compared to receiving a check by mail.

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