How to Avoid Driving Intoxicated During the Holidays

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Drinking and driving accidents are the worst during the fall and winter holidays.  During these festive months drinking occasions are on the rise which leads to more accidents and fatalities because of drunk driving.  While holiday festivities should include as much fun as possible, limiting your risk of driving while intoxicated is vital for you and the other people occupying the roads.

  • Decide to take public transportation to and from parties. If you leave your car at home, you are less likely to drive drunk.  Have numbers for public transit on your phone so that you don’t have to worry about trying to find a ride after a holiday party.
  • Travel during the days that most people won’t travel. Instead of traveling the day before or after a holiday, consider going a few days before or after.  Extending your trip allows you to drive with less traffic on the road and you should also have no alcohol residue in your system.
  • Always plan ahead for the times you know you’ll want to drink. A designated driver is a good idea if you are going to a family party as a group.  If you know you’ll be alone at the party, then consider not having alcohol until you get home.  Invite some friends or family over after the big event and have everyone stay at your place.
  • If you host a holiday event or party, don’t allow guests to drink and drive. It is nice to provide your guests with a designated driver or two for the evening. Then they know they have a safe ride home.  You should also limit how many drinks your guests can have, or don’t offer alcohol at your event if that is a concern.
  • If you have children that are young adults or teens, make sure they know not to get into vehicles with friends who’ve been drinking. Also, talk to them about the steps to get a safe ride home if they drink.

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