How to Avoid Winter Motorcycle Accidents

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If you continue riding your motorcycle during the winter months in Medford, Oregon, then there are a few tips you can follow to prevent accidents.  It is essential to become more alert when riding during the winter months as drivers in other vehicles are not expecting many people to ride their motorcycles in the winter.

  • Invest in the gear you need for yourself and your bike during the cold winter months. You may need a larger windshield and heated grips.  You should also wear the proper winter gear from head to toe if you plan on riding in the cold.
  • Check the tires on your motorcycle regularly. Your tires should have good tread and the right tire pressure.  Cold temperature may deflate your tires somewhat.
  • If there is a lot of salt on the roads to melt the ice, consider taking a different mode of transportation. The salt may help other vehicles have traction, but it isn’t suitable for a motorcycle’s traction.
  • Pay attention to your surroundings when the roads are icy. If you see cars ahead of you sliding in spots, then you know where the black ice is on the street.
  • Check the antifreeze in your motorcycle regularly. It is crucial to make sure that your bike is in the best shape when you ride it during the winter months.
  • Make sure you wear a helmet that fits well when you ride during the winter.
  • Drive slower than you normally would when driving conditions are not optimal.
  • Increase the distance between your motorcycle and other vehicles. Give yourself plenty of room to avoid the other cars if they start to slide or must brake quickly.
  • Pay attention to the surface of the road and watch for potholes and construction zones.
  • Keep your contact information, insurance, and ID on your person so that it is easily accessible.
  • Have an emergency contact that you can call if you do have an accident and need transportation.

If you are in a motorcycle accident this winter, contact Shlesinger & deVillenueve to get a consultation about your rights.

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