How to Drive Responsibly During the Holidays

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Drinking and driving is a problem during the holidays because alcohol is sometimes a part of the festivities.  Colleges also have breaks, and there are parties to start and end the holidays.  While some days are typically bad for encountering intoxicated drivers, others are horrible because of a combination of traffic and a higher level of distraction.

  1. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is also called “Black Wednesday” because of the drivers who are intoxicated. There are so many on the road that it is a day that people should avoid driving.  Consider taking public transportation if you must get from place to place on Black Wednesday.
  2. Thanksgiving is one of the most traveled days of a year. When you consider the amount of traffic with alcoholic beverages that flow all day it is not surprising you have a high rate of car accidents.
  3. The day after Thanksgiving is Black Friday. This holiday is dangerous because of the amount of traffic and road rage.  There are also more drivers under the influence because they are still enjoying the festivities from the previous day.
  4. Christmas Eve and Christmas day are known as days that drivers are more intoxicated than others. Consider traveling the days before and after this holiday so that you can avoid most of the drunk drivers.
  5. New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day are holidays that are based on having alcoholic beverages and going to parties that are away from home (usually). There are many drivers on the road both days that are intoxicated.  Some of these people drink for many hours before they drive.  Consider public transportation during these days to avoid drunk drivers.  If you drink, don’t drive.  It is a good idea to take public transit to a party so that you must take public transportation home.

How to Stay Safe During These Holidays:

  • Make sure you have a designated driver.
  • Install taxi and other ride share apps on your smartphone for easy access to alternative transportation if you can’t drive.
  • Don’t let the people you know drive drunk. Take the keys away and help them call a taxi.

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