How to Handle Dog Bite Cases in Oregon

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Dogs may be cute, lovable, and loyal in many cases, but that does not mean they will not cause someone serious injury. If a dog in Oregon attacked you or someone you know, this means that the dog’s owner may be liable for what happened and must act appropriately. Here are a few tips on what to do in a dog bite case.

Get Medical Help

Dog bites can be nasty and severe, so getting medical attention is step one. It will allow you to recover from the injury with professional help, and you will also have evidence of the event and injury in the form of medical documentation.

Understanding Responsibility

Oregon generally subscribes to what is known as the one-bite rule. This means that dog owners may avoid liability if they can’t prove they knew or should have known their dog would bite or attack. If the dog has previously attacked or bitten someone, the “one free bite” defense is unavailable. There are exceptions related to just paying for medical bills (ORS 31.360) and intentional acts or for unreasonably dangerous breeds. Each case will need to be analyzed accordingly.

However, the dog owner may attempt to claim that you were responsible for what happened. If you were trespassing on private property or provoking or hurting the dog or the owner, some of the responsibility may be shifted to you due to comparative negligence law.

File in Time

If you take too long to file the claim, you cannot pursue your personal injury case. In Oregon, this means you generally have two years after the bite to file the claim. Otherwise, the court will dismiss your case, and you will not get the compensation you need.

Contact Shlesinger & deVilleneuve for Help

If you or someone you know was the victim in a dog bite case, then you have the right to seek legal help. We have helped many Oregonians get the help they need in personal injury cases, and we will help you. Contact us today.

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