How to Prevent Your Kids from Driving While Distracted

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Once your child gets a driver’s license, there are some conversations that you must have with them about driving safely.  While they already have some education about distracted driving and driving under the influence, they need to hear it from a parent as well.

The best way to have a teenager or young adult drive safely is to be a good example.

They probably won’t think about driving with a smartphone in their hand if you don’t do it.  Let them know that even looking down to check a text or email for a few seconds can cause a deadly accident.  Impress upon them the amount of time it takes to get into a car accident, versus checking something on social media or snap a selfie.  Technology is a big part of the world, so it is important to make sure they know that you want them to pull over to make phone calls or send a text message.

The process to keep kids safe behind the wheel is about giving them a responsible choice.  Impressing upon them that the main concern is them making the right choices behind the wheel is an excellent way to remind them about the responsibility that comes with being a driver.

Have your teenagers set their phones to Do Not Disturb while they drive.  There is a setting that allows calls to go through if they are repeated so that you can reach them if there is an emergency.  There are also a wide variety of apps that will enable parents to track where their teenagers are when they drive.  Some apps have a Drive Mode that automatically blocks notifications if the car is moving over a certain number of miles per hour — using technology to combat driving while distracted is an excellent solution for you to feel safe as a parent and your child to do the right things behind the wheel.

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