Hurt On The Job: Common Mistakes (Part 6)

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Communication with the client is one of the most important aspects of what we do.  We have found over the many years of representing, not only inured workers’ but also those hurt in motor vehicle accidents, that consistent ongoing communication between the client and our office has greatly increased our ability to be effective, which in turn often translates to better service and increased settlement amounts!

A few simple reminders:

Always keep your attorney informed when it comes to your proper address and phone numbers.  In today’s environment of changing phone numbers, phones with limited plans and/or minutes, to have changing phone numbers is not uncommon.  When this occurs, promptly contact your attorney’s office to advise of this change.  We are often under critical court or settlement deadlines and having quick contact with our client’s is crucial.

Another important reminder is to keep your attorney apprised of any changes in your medical or employment situation.  It might seem bothersome or unnecessary to pick up the phone or stop by your attorney’s office to advise of these changes, but this information is very important.   For instance, if an injured worker feels like their employment status is about to change (ie, fired, laid off, etc.), our office will be very proactive with this information and come up with an immediate plan of action for your case.  It might mean we move the case into settlement negotiations and negotiate a release of employment (on our terms), where the employer would agree not to contest your unemployment application versus taking no action and losing your job and the right for unemployment benefits.  As it pertains to medical care, we always want to know the status of your ongoing care.  This will help us to know not only how you are doing, but also provide the framework for deciding the best course of action as it pertains to ongoing medical care and/or settlement options for claim.

Do not be afraid to ask questions of your attorney. It is our continuous goal to have ongoing communication with our clients that puts the client in a position to be informed about their case.  If you do not understand something we are trying to explain, please don’t hesitate to ask for further explanation and or clarification.  We also provide our clients with an opportunity for feedback not only during their case, but when the case is completed.  We encourage the comments and the feedback as it helps us to provide excellent service and to make any improvements or adjustments necessary to each individual case.

Because you have selected Shlesinger& deVilleneuve Attorneys to represent you, let us be the ones to communicate with the insurance companies. We not only have the training and experience to handle these calls on your behalf, but want you to avoid potential pitfalls from direct communication with the insurance company.  As a rule of thumb, never speak to the insurance company while represented by an attorney.

In summary, always keep your attorney advised as to any changes in address or phone numbers. Always keep your attorney advised as to any changes in employment or medical status.  Do not hesitate to ask questions of your attorney. And never speak to the insurance company.  Let us do what you have hired us to do.




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