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Oregon is regarded as one of America’s leading states for motorcycle riders; we have a large number of beautiful highways that run through breathtaking countryside; all type of scenery a motorcycle rider prefers – if it’s ocean coastline, hills, or high desert – the state of Oregon features all of it! Having more motorcyclists on the road, however, means more accidents involving motorcycles. Despite the fact that statistics demonstrate motorcyclists are among the best and more defensive drivers out there, the majority of their accidents are with an automobiles or trucks, and – in nearly three-fourths of these accidents – the automobile driver is deemed negligent. The greatest issue a motorcyclist deals with, consequently, is the fact that – regardless of how cautious they are – they’re nevertheless vulnerable to the decisions and miscalculations of the other drivers on the road. At Shlesinger & deVilleneuve, we understand that when a motorcycle collides with a car, there is absolutely no question who will suffer more harm! Motorcycle injuries are nearly always going to be far more severe and traumatic to the rider. Despite wearing helmets, the head and throat area are incredibly vulnerable, and this puts the victim at greater risk for traumatic brain injury (TBI), nerve damage, spinal cord injury (SCI), amputation, paralysis, and even death.
The most typical factors that cause motorcycle accidents are:

  • Vehicle drivers switching into a motorcyclist’s lane and violating right-of-way laws
  • Vehicle drivers failing to yield at freeway exit and entrance ramps
  • Poor or deficient roadways; obstructions, irregular pavement
  • Poor weather or night vision
  • Faulty safety gear

The law team at Shlesinger & deVilleneuve realize that, notwithstanding the data bolstering rider’s safety habits, there continues to be a negative stigma towards “bikers”. For years, “bikers” have been portrayed in a negative way in the entertainment industry, and this is the mindset of the insurance companies. Despite all present proof to the opposite – the insurance company will manipulate this negative bias when negotiating a settlement. If you’ve been in a motorcycle crash, you will need an attorney in your corner who recognizes exactly what ploys the insurance companies will use to make sure they pay you the absolute least amount. The attorneys and staff at Shlesinger & deVilleneuve, some who are themselves riders, understand what must be accomplished to effectively advocate for you. We will fight to help you get the settlement that you are owed out of court or litigate your case if necessary before a judge/jury! Our friendly receptionists are ready to take your call and see to it that you get to talk to one of our legal experts today. Our initial conference with you is always free and if we do take your case we won’t take payment unless we win!

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